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a little more about me

My name is Jessica, the Founder and CEO of BOLD Beginnings LLC. As a proud veteran-minority woman owned government certified business, I am committed to promote representation and implement creative ideas for diversity equity and inclusion. As a people-first approach consulting and professional development firm, I am dedicated to creating the solutions to your organization’s real needs. My "BOLD" approach stems from the true meaning of the word, as I have approached every aspect of my life with confidence and courage, taking risks to obtain the best outcomes personally and professionally.

My philosophy is... An organization’s most important asset is its people. As a result, Bold’s clients consistently praise our services for their effectiveness and creativity, surpassing traditional training experiences. I am dedicated to uncovering the right solutions for everyday success.

Choose BOLD Beginnings for a transformative consulting experience that fuels success in your organization.

I am committed to making the world a better place through more effective leadership 
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